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Vintage co-investment funds

The team believes that co-investment, thanks to its flexibility and potential for outperformance, is a key allocation strategy for Private Equity investors. Co-investment gives access to transactions carried out by international funds, usually restricted to institutional investors.

Vintage funds merits

Mircap Partners believes in the attractive structure of its vintage funds, to ensure alignment of interests. Its investors benefit from:

  • Double selection of opportunities (by the lead co-shareholder and then by Mircap Partners)
  • Rapid deployment of funds
  • Fees on invested capital only

Reducing the “J-curve” for investors

Mircap Partners Funds’ objective is to build diversified portfolios of 5 to 8 unlisted companies each year and to optimize the "risk/return profile" of the portfolios.

With an average holding period of 5-7 years for each vintage fund, this strategy allows a faster return on investment than traditional funds, in line with investors' expectations.

This strategy capitalizes on the experience of the management team as well as on the funds investment activity of Mircap Partners, which benefits from strong relationships with leading Private Equity players.

Investment in funds

Mircap Partners also invests in Private Equity Funds (as a limited partner) and offers access to an exclusive selection of funds.

Mircap Partners works with the most successful Private Equity teams in Europe and the US, offering a variety of investment themes and sectors.

This fund selection is based on Mircap Partners' proven ability to identify value creation potential across a variety of strategies, regions and sectors.

Direct co-investments

Mircap Partners offers its investors direct co-investment opportunities on a "deal-by-deal" basis.

Mircap Partners is a privileged partner for investors, co-shareholders and managers, backing companies in their development.

Managed accounts

It is in a dynamic of customized service that Mircap Partners also offers its investors tailor made mandates, with regards to both investment strategy and structuring.

Investment strategy

Mircap Partners offers a wide range of investment solutions, supported by a strategy combining:

  • Investments in mature companies with high growth potential
  • A geographical presence of investments mainly in Europe and the United States
  • A generalist and selective sectoral approach

This strategy is supported by strong sourcing, analysis and execution capabilities, resulting from the solid experience of Mircap Partners’ investment team within the Private Equity market.